Accu-traq Accu-Cab

Accu-traq Accu-Cab

Imagine your employees walk up to a cabinet, opens the door and removes their needed items and every step was automatically monitored. This is the next step in vending automation. Passive issue technology. This happens with the Accu-Cab™ because:

  • RFID Technology requires less steps to issue and return items
  • Touch screen control allows for easy CribMaster user interface and System Log-in
  • Easy dispensing, tracking and replenishment of tools, kits, spare parts, calibrated tooling, etc.
  • Reduced walk time for items which will improve productivity
  • Reducing mission critical stock-outs
  • With inventory available in one convenient location, there’s less time spent waiting and searching for supplies
  • and more...

The Accu-Cab™ is a great solution for managing kits at point-of-use, tracking the usage of durable items, RFID tool tracking or tracking maintenance items to work orders and tasks. The only additional step to employees is identifying who they are by a password on the touch screen or a bar-code scan. No inventory to scan or transactions to log. Transactions are automatically recorded when inventory is removed from the cabinet. The Accu-Cab is also available in a high density unit designed for the management of high use expendables.