The AccuDrawer is an ideal solution for streamlining the processes associated with monitoring, managing, and maintaining tools in environments where any lost or misplaced tool is a safety risk. Combining secure storage with passive RFID technology and our tool tracking software, the system provides positive tool control that aids in FOD and FME compliance with your tools. Any time employees access the system, they are required to identify themselves which allows the system to record in real time when an item is taken, who takes it, and when it is returned.

Other benefits include:

  • Automated tracking of inventory in and out of a secured modular cabinet
  • Visual inspection of missing items from the touch screen monitor
  • Easily locate the person and area the item was issued to and when it was issued
  • Manage kits with unlimited levels of kitting
  • Limit access to tools
  • Monitor calibration schedules and inspection processes
  • Audit databases for compliance purposes
  • Automatic alert notifications when tools are not returned in a proper timeframe
  • and much more...

With the Accu-Drawer there is no inventory to scan or transactions to log. Transactions are automatically recorded when inventory is removed from the cabinet and when items are missing from the cabinet the touch screen displays “items out” on the ATR screen, making FOD checks easy, fast and accurate. This is a great RFID tool tracking device...proven and reliable.

Accu-traq AccuDrawer

Accu-traq AccuDrawer