Last Point Read™ (L.P.R.)

Do you need to take your CribMaster RFID solution to the next level? Do you need additional accountability for your indirect materials and mobile assets? Do you want to track and monitor tools as they move through your facility so that you can reduce search time if certain items go missing? We have the solution!

If you need to take your Accu-Cab, Accu-Drawer or Accu-Port to the next level, the CribMaster LPR system is for you. CribMaster LPR attached to any of our RFID devices allows you to easily monitor tools or other mobile assets as they move through your facility. The idea is simple. With any of our CribMaster RFID devices, we trigger transactions at the time of issue, which may include up to 6 user defined cost centers. With this, we may know you were taking inventory to a certain department for a certain job, but we really don't know if it ever made it. What if it didn't make it? Where was it last seen?

By strategically placing CribMaster LPR stations in walkways across your facility, we now know a little more about where that inventory has been and where it may be currently. Search time is dramatically decreased.

LPR devices have a flexible cabinet design that allows antennae angle to be easily adjusted to change signal direction and height. 

LastPoint Read