Accu-traq MultiStore

Accu-traq MultiStore

The Multi-Store point-of-use cabinet storage system combines a proven electronically controlled glass door locking cabinet with CribMaster 9.6 Software to enable controlled distribution of inventory.

You benefit by:

  • Enabling the locking of individual sections to help ensure correct inventory transactions and accountability
  • Allowing flexible shelf configurations with unique sizes throughout the cabinet
  • Tracking with multi-category user defined usage tracking & accounting
  • Allowing flexible automatic reordering & re-supply to limit stock outs
  • Item issue efficiency – improved productivity by issuing nearer to job sites
  • Helping manufacturing efficiency – machine usage improved by minimizing downtimes
  • Eliminating stock-outs with features like critical alerts and automated optimum order levels
  • and more...

It has never been easier to expand control. The flexibility of the Multi-Store™ allows you to gain control of inventory you may currently have stored in areas away from your work areas. You gain the ability to control access to the Multi-Store shelves utilizing all the security, inventory management and purchasing features of the CribMaster Inventory Management System. This is a simple method to move product to point-of-use and establish accountability when dispensing tools, MRO or other indirect material.