RFID Scanner

RFID Scanner

For best practice of outage management and reduced Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR), your RFID installation requires the need for mobility into “high risk” or Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) zones. Tracking misplaced tools and equipment during outages sometimes requires the ability to perform tasks outside of a portal or cabinet. We have worked with Motorola to provide a RFID scanner that is driven by Accu-Traq powered by CribMaster which allows you to locate a tool away from the point-of-use device whether it was dropped down a reactor or is simply not returned when the user came out of the FME Zone. With the RFID 9090 the assignment process can be done in any location with wireless coverage. Items can be tagged in an office or in a secured area of the plant and the Accu-Traq powered by CribMaster RFID devices are not interrupted. Testing Tags

This function provides an indication that the tag is affixed in an RFID secure manner. If the 9090 can read an applied tag easily, then the XR440 used in the Accu-Port, Accu-Cab or Accu- Drawer will be able to read the tag. Finding a Specific Serialized Item

The 9090 can be used to locate a specific tag. This can be valuable in FME Zones or where locating assets is critical. Accu-Traq powered by CribMaster will recognize that a particular serialized item is missing. An authorized employee/contractor can move the 9090 systematically through an area until the reader detects the tag and sounds an alarm. Imagine trying to find a small gauge or a misplaced piece of inventory from a warm crib in a nuclear power generation facility. Cycle Counting an AccuPort Crib/Store Room

An Accu-Port crib or store room might hold thousands of tagged items. Periodically the items should be physically counted. The 9090 can be used in conjunction with Accu-Traq powered by CribMaster’s cycle counting software to count an entire crib just by moving the reader though the crib in a systematic fashion. The reader provides audible and visual indications of how many unique tags have been read. The tags are summarized by item and the quantities are entered on the Cycle Counting tables in the Accu-Traq powered by CribMaster database for review.