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Losses, both big and small, can take a toll on your business. It's not just about the financial loss; it's the frustration of valuable time slipping away. Accu-traq’s patent-pending location tracking technology ensures every asset is accounted for in real time.

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RFID Misconceptions

More and more businesses are considering an investment RFID technology to help automate their inventory and asset tracking. However, despite the proven value it adds to organizations, there is no shortage of questions, misunderstandings, and RFID myths to debunk.

RFID Doesn't Work in my Environment

With advancements in RFID technology, there are tags designed to work optimally even in challenging environments.
  • Tags are successfully tracking assets with high metal or liquid content
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Existing Systems

Think your current system has it all? Not all solutions provide real-time tracking. If your inventory management system doesn't offer real-time visibility, you may be missing out on critical insights.
  • Bi-directional integration with other systems
  • Enhances your ERP system, does not replace

RFID is Too Expensive

Many consumers believe that effective solutions come with a hefty price tag.
  • Accu-traq's solution offers scalable options
  • RFID technology is accessible for businesses of all sizes
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What our clientssay

I LOVE this system! This has taken so much pressure off many departments and put the accountability on the users .


Curtis Johnson

Safety Manager, Ameren

Tired of searching for lost tools and vehicle keys, we reached out to Accu-traq for a solution. After purchasing a CribMaster ProStock machine with data managed by Accu-traq, we were able to increase staff accountability and provide chain of custody documentation during audits. Thank you Accu-traq!


Shaun Smith

Maintenance of Way Supervisor, Valley Metro Light Rail

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